DIY Halo Extension

Overspending of money all the time? But you want to achieve the fashionable hair style! So here’s some guidelines for you to be in trend, yet make your own halo extension. Be creative!

What do you need to make your DIY halo extension? Simple!

Firstly, purchase an affordable human hair extension, make sure its natural! Usually you can buy clip in or tape in extension. That’s fine! Remember, you will make your own halo extension. Be careful enough since you need to choose the real extension.

Moreover, you must also need a magical wire. Plus, the cutting tools that you may use to make it more convenient. Make sure that the magic wire will be suitable for the size of your head. It could be invisible, so nothing to worry about.

In addition to this, the color of the extension! Precisely it must blend your natural hair! If not, do something great about it! There’s a hair coloring substances that you can also avail, so it will be like your natural hair! Tip number 1, you can also make it halo highlights! So no more worry about the hair color blending.

There you go! Hair extension and magical wire are ready! Are you ready? Let’s create your DIY halo extension! Be excited!

Upon doing this, think of the times when you will use this halo extension. Party? So make it vibrant! Medium length with soft waves is great! Date? Be gorgeous! Create a long curly hair, it can add pretty lassie points! What about meetings? Be innocent! Have a simple straight hair!

You can use hair straightener or hair curler to achieve the style that you want!

Jump to the next level of this fantastic DIY halo extension! Once you’re done, be more excited for more styles of halo extension that you will make! Isn’t it enjoyable?