Popular Social Media Instant Messaging Apps

Social Media and Instant Messaging has merged and has been a popular way for users to express themselves in terms of short temporary videos, images, and virtual sticker messages. The winning social media apps that earned its spot for being a popular topic of conversation are most commonly; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and occasionally for ones that prefer to stay anonymous, Kik. These apps have millions of active users worldwide and the numbers are still increasing. Recently, social media and instant messaging apps such Facebook and Instagram have integrated a feature where people would post stories about themselves, similar to what Snapchat features as their main functional feature used by users every day. This feature allows users to take temporary photos of their day that lasts up to 24 hours once uploaded much like a temporary diary. This creates more room for creativity and freedom to allow users to express themselves.

However, there have been people that would seek newer conversations with strangers, building new friendships or even find relationships to work on. Sites such as omegle have gained its popularity by how it is a flexible platform for strangers to talk to each other based on common interests. Now, with www.bestfinder.me, a site that focuses on Snapchat and Kik by storing data for of people for those apps in hopes that strangers who come by seeking to make new friends are able to find one with an interest that is similar to theirs. Visitors going on to www.bestfinder.me are able to register themselves by adding their choice of platform, username, age, gender, and write a brief description about themselves, or find people to have a friendly chat with or have something more intimate. But, it is only limited to Kik and Snapchat users.